Cheap Backpacker Insurance Is Now Available

The economy unfortunately has not been that good that travel agencies have started to offer travel plans at affordable rates. While these travel costs are experiencing some slash to the prices, insurance is also trying to go with the flow so to speak. At the moment, a traveler can choose the best insurance at reasonable prices and a traveler can still go away with getting the best value for money cheap backpacker insurance.

Although locating the right company that provides cheap insurance can become a lengthy process, still a traveler should never disregard the importance of purchasing such insurance because nobody can tell when accidents or emergency situations will arise especially during travels. Moreover, travelers just have to find these companies or ask his insurance company wherever they have available cheap packages that cover backpacking.

Adventures should be about fun and excitation, but unforeseeable accidents, injuries, medical emergencies or even illnesses can happen while on a trip to another country. Therefore, a traveler should always make sure that he gets insurance. However, cheap backpacker insurance can sometimes cut off certain inclusions in its policy. This is the reason why a traveler should make sure that when purchasing a cheap insurance, minimum insurance plan must include coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, injuries, and illnesses so that even at the bare minimum the traveler's cheap backpacker insurance will still give peace of mind.

In addition, cheap insurance should also provide for reparation inclusions to its policy in cases of emergency situations that a traveler has no control of. Of course, there are other companies that offer travelers with a plan that includes coverage for holiday cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, flight delays and personal liability claims. The traveler only has to inquire into these inclusions and the insurance company providing cheap insurance can assist the traveler in choosing the best option at a reasonable rate.

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Crooked Car Insurance Company Practices

Insurance companies have begun buying or investing their monies into car repair businesses in recent years. Insurance companies that own car repair shops can result in the consumer getting bad service and substandard replacement parts. Many people in the car repair industry have complained of being pressured by insurance companies that own them to keep costs down, and if they do not, they risk losing referrals.

Vehicle owners also have rights when getting their cars repaired following a collision. This applies to regular maintenance repairs as well.

The Automobile Service Association (ASA) suggests that car owners ask insurance companies the following when shopping for an auto body repair shop following a collision.

Do I have to get three estimates?

This is a standard procedure among insurance companies, but in reality you do NOT have to get three estimates. This is only an option and NOT a requirement that puts the burden on the car's owner to get the cheapest price.

Can I choose any repair shop?

Yes. You have the right to choose any auto body shop you like, and any attempt to direct you to a particular shop should raise some suspicions. Many times, the dealership does not have an auto body repair shop, and the vehicle's owner is referred to one with what they have a contract. It is not required that they have one.

How can I ensure that they are going to fix my car with quality parts?

Any parts used other than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts must be disclosed in writing by the insurance company. It is up to the owner to agree if the insurance company will install other market parts, rather than be pressured to use OEM parts. In some states, this disclosure is not required.

The ASA recommends the following advice for vehicle owners to maintain their car:

  1. Always check your owner's manual for regular maintenance schedules. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil and filter once every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.
  2. Check all fluids including brake, transmission, washer, power steering, and antifreeze. These fluids are necessary for the safety and performance of your vehicle.
  3. Check tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can waste gas. This is the cheapest form of preventive and safety maintenance. Check tire pressure once a month.

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What Is Public Liability Insurance And Why Would I Need It?

Do you currently run your own business and you already have a bunch of other types of insurance policies and someone recommended that you get public liability insurance? The question on your mind will naturally be "What is public liability insurance and why would I need it?"

Also known as PLI, this particular type of insurance policy is the type that will cover any type of risk of liability that a company may have to pay a client or customer if he or she sustains an injury while they are on the company's concessions. PLI will also cover the risk if a business also causes damage to a customer's or client's property. In addition to this, PLI also compensates business owners for legal fees while they are defending their business due to claims. This insurance policy is particularly vital because even if the court does not grant damages, business owners will still need to pay colossal legal charges, no thanks to outrageous claims.

What is public liability insurance and is it mandatory? This is the question that many new business owners ask. PLI is necessary for your business because whenever you choose to believe it or not, no person can run a business that does not come with its fair share of risks. Most times, a lot of small businesses do not pay any mind to the glaring risk factors that are associated with their type of business. As a business owner, it is your responsibility and lawful obligation to pay compensation to the client or customer for any damage to their property due to negligence on the part of your business. There are times, when claims can go as high or even over one million dollars! So, it is important that business owners buy insurance because their business could be just one claim away from losing everything.

For instance, a good example of how important it is to have a public liability insurance policy would be when you or your staff were at work at construction site and a passerby trips on a piece of wood, steps on a rusty nail or injured an injury when a heavy object falls on his or her as a result of your staff's negligence. You will be responsible for paying the claims. These are only a couple of examples that simply show the importance of PLI to small and large businesses. It is vital that business owners know that they are endless possibilities of causes for claims. So, the best thing to do for your business is to buy insurance and have some peace of mind and focus on building your business.

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Trucking Cargo Insurance

Commercial trucks are vital to keeping the economy running. They deliver necessary goods to stores for individuals to buy. Without trucks, these items would not get to stores and, extremely, into consumers' hands. These necessary goods make up the truck's cargo.

Cargo is often worth several thousand dollars per truck. It is the truck driver's duty to ensure that the cargo gets to its destination intact and in working condition. Failure to do this may make the company liable for damage to these items.

As such, trucking employers need to be sure to have cargo insurance. This insurance protects companies from liability when something goes wrong during a truck's route and cargo gets damaged. This insurance can save companies several thousand of dollars.

The amount that monthly insurance payments cost will depend on how much coverage the trucking company chooses to carry. These costs are just a fraction of the overall value of the truck's cargo, however.

Trucking companies that are looking to purchase cargo insurance may have many options. Often, they will need to buy insurance for their fleet fleets. Some insurance providers will offer fleet discounts while others will not.

Since there are so many possibilities for insurance, trucking employers can benefit from using an insurance agreement website. These websites allow individuals and trucking companies alike to compare rates and insurance companies with just a few clicks of a mouse.

It is important for trucking companies to keep in mind how much coverage they want to carry and how much they can afford to spend each month, as both of these factors will be large determining factors in the coverage that a trucking company will absolutely purchase.

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Things You Probably Do not Know About Car Insurance

Auto insurance has been around for as long as people can remember. Now that everyone knows how to choose a good company having excellent reputation and strong financial condition, it looks that all car owners can always purchase coverage from the right insurers. It is indeed important to choose the best company you can get; you can do this by conducting little online research to find information about any particular company 'claim ratio, customers satisfaction rating, financial strength, available discounts, and more.

Nonetheless, there are other things that you probably do not know about auto insurance as briefly outlined in the following passes.

1. Women usually pay less premium fee

In most cases, men drive more aggressively than women do. One of the most important variables that determine your overall insurance premium is whether you are considered safe or high risk driver. The general assumption is that there are more male high-risk drivers than the female ones. As expected, any insurance company is extremely careful when checking your personal data including driving history. High risk driver are more likely to file claims or be involved in accidents either minor or major. Based on the assumption that high-risk category is mostly filled with men, insurer usually charges less premium fee to women.

2. Education level does have its roles in this industry, even when you are customer

Education level and professions are important variables to calculate insurance estimates. Some people consider this a discriminatory practice, and some states indeed ban the use of occupation and education level information as variables in determining insurance premium. However, it does not change the fact that it is the standard practice for years. Some insurers do not use such method, but others simply enjoe that occupation and schooling do play their roles, based on real statistics. It basically suggests that someone who has a college degree gets better bonus than a high school graduate receives. A bachelor also needs to pay more than someone with a master's degree, and so forth.

Occupation also matters. Some professions involve high stress levels, lack of sleep, frequent overtime working, etc; for car insurance company, such things can be easily related to high risk of accidents. Some of high-risk professions include attorneys, doctors, architects, salespeople, business owners, real estate brokers, etc. On the other hand, low-risk occupations may include scientist, artist, accountants, nurses, pilots, and teachers.

Regardless of your education level and occupation, please ask the company if certain discounts are available for certain professions and academic degree, too. If you do not have a college degree, simply go with the insurer that does not use this particular method. If you have any academic degree, however, it is good to take advantage and get the provided discounts.

3. Credit score is still a major factor

The use of credit score as variable to determine the price of premium fee that every customer has to pay every month is quite controversial. Some states prohibit insurers from using customers' credit information. This practice, however, is still very common. Your current credit score is used for predicting the level of your financial responsibility in the future. A bad credit score is a red flag indicating that you probably will not be able to pay the insurance premium fee in a timely manner. This will result in more expensive premium; people with more money can often pay less. Such practice is illegal in some states including California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

4. Your money does not stay still

Similar to almost all financial institutions, auto insurance company wants to capitalize upon the already existing capital. In simpler words, the company takes your money and invest it but not on your behalf. The most difficult part of this process is of course attracting new customers. It has tough competition in the market, and your business probably has better deals with other companies in the area. To win the competition, every car insurer has to offer competitive prices yet not too cheap to expect payout that you may request in the future after filing claims. Once again, it takes some calculations to figure out the right premium for your particular risks. In most cases, auto insurance company only hopes to manage to reach break-even point from the money that you pay every month.

5. Different place, different price

Another major factor that helps determine premium fee is location or your address. Each state has its own rules about minimum liability coverage, traffic violations fines, etc. Moving to a different state, although not very far from your current address, can affect the premium too since the new location probably has different laws that affect coverage and it has different insurance companies in the existing market as well. Certain locations such as big cities may require you to pay more expensive premium especially if the city has high record of accidents, vehicle theft, etc.

6. Young and old pay most expensive premium

The youngest driver purchases coverage for the most expensive price. The premium will decline steadily until the driver turns 25. From this point, the premium will probably stay flat for quite a while, usually until the driver reaches 55. The premium will once again increase as the driver is old enough to be considered senior; the driver has to pay the most expensive price again at age 75.

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Advantages of Family Life Insurance

As life is unpredictable, one needs to plan for the future and to take care of the financial security of one's family by purchasing a viable life insurance policy. Professionals accentuate that life insurance gives financial security to a family. The other terms used for life insurance are life cover and life assurance.

The following article provides various facts gathered from insurance specialists and indicative information regarding the advantages attached with an appropriate insurance policy.

Numerous resources are present to provide in depth knowledge on different kinds of policies. Many times, new customers get puzzled due to presence of infinite amount of insurance companies providing a variety of policies with different features. Prospective buyers of insurance may seek the help of online research if they feel confused about deciding the most appropriate policy for them.

The majority of insurance providers grant all the information relating to their products, by their websites which are easy to access and simple to understand. Furthermore, one may also seek the help of financial experts hired by insurance providers to offer free guidance to prospective buyers with regards to the kinds of policies, their details, advantages and concessions available for the customers.

The topic of insurance does not interest many people. However it is crucial to purchase an insurance policy to provide necessary financial protection to the loved ones of the policy holder in case he expires unexpectedly. A latest survey reports that people of America do not have the essential information regarding the significance attached with insurance, irrespective of the fact that almost all the insurance providers spend a lot of money on advertising. The report suggests that in America, nearly 33% of the total households having a newborn; do not remember to renew their insurance policy.

The basic reason for purchasing life insurance is to plan for death. However there are a number of other motives also, with which the insurance is purchased. For instance, one may buy an extra insurance policy for his family while one already has an individual insurance policy sponsored by the company which employs him.

Insurance customers have numerous options available to them as a number of new companies have entered the insurance sector. Procuring an apposite insurance plan grants essential financial security to the dependents of the policy holder with tranquility of the mind of the purchaser.

One more crucible aspect is the plunging cost of promotions. The insurance information institute reports that premium rates have crashed down by 50% with regards to regular term insurance policies ever since 1999. It is forecast that the premium rates will fall further by 4% in the existing year. As it is true that the life is unpredictable, so it is also true that purchasing life insurance is indicative for almost every individual.

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How To Find An Auto Repair Insurance

Cars break down, that's just how things work, and there's nothing we can do about it to prevent it. Transmissions drop, brakes can go bad, and a wide array of other issues can come about with an automobile. The real tragedy, though, when a car breaks down is having to pay for the repairs or even worse, the repairs for another persons car, should you get into an accident. So long as you have an auto repair insurance, though, you'll be fine, and having nothing to worry about. There are a few different things which you should look for when shopping for the best auto insurance for your car.

What Do They Cover?

A quality car insurance company covers most, if not all, repairs or collision related damages to your car. If they did not cover these damages, then paying for them on a monthly, or annual, basis would not be worth the money. Additionally, if you were to be involved in a collision, then you would have to pay for the repairs out of pocket if your insurance company did not cover the expenses. For this reason, always compare the coverage for each insurance company that you are considering.

Are They Reputable?

There is nothing more frustrating than paying a large amount to someone and then never receiving the products or services which were promised to you in exchange. Reputation is the number one thing to look for when considering using any services, and there is nothing different about car insurance. Ask you friends, look for reviews online, and do plenty of research before signing with an insurance company. Taking these simple precautions not only will prevent you from falling victim to a scam, but will also ensure piece of mind, and make sure you're fully covered for anything car related.

What Do They Cost?

Finally, how much will you pay for this company's services, and how much can you afford? There are many different packages and pricing plans which you can choose from to suit your needs, and most reputable companies will have something within your budget. Regardless of what they do, it is essential to compare prices as well as services among all the considered companies. This will give you the best bang for your buck, and keep you happy with your decision.

These are three very basic, yet essential, steps to choosing an auto insurance. With the amount of online scams and thieves today, one can never be too careful, and taking simple precautions, such as the ones mentioned above, will make everything so much easier.

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Secrets to Getting the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is designed to help protect you in situations that involve your vehicle. Which is one of the reasons that auto coverage follows the car, auto insurance is a necessity and requirement in all states? Auto insurance is a complete must for all drivers. Auto insurance provides third party coverage and has emerged as a legal requirement.

Auto insurance is a very simple thing that may cause much confusion for many people. The lack of knowledge, when shopping for general auto insurance, is the problem that most people have. Auto insurance is one of the most used types of personal insurance. Most states require that you purchase some kind of insurance coverage to drive legally in the state. Auto insurance is a "necessary evil" which is necessary for all automobile owners. But it is not enough to have an insured vehicle; the main thing is to have an insured vehicle with best auto insurance.

Auto insurance is certainly one expense that you have to budget for where doing a little research and making some calls can pay huge dividends in both short and long term. With little time invested, you can potentially save hundreds a year and tens of thousands over your lifetime. Auto insurance is mandatory for drivers in all 50 US Most, most drivers rarely, if ever, look at their auto insurance coverages to see exactly how they are protected financially in the case of an auto accident, natural disaster, or vandalism.

Auto insurance is meant to make you whole in the case of an accident with injury or property damage. It is to protect your assets and protect you from liability. Auto insurance is mandatory for all new vehicles, be it for commercial or personal use. Insurance Companies are coming out with comprehensive policies for its customers. Auto insurance is a mandatory thing, but like wearing a seat belt, it is fundamentally good idea. This is why so many people are related to purchase only the bare minimum required by law in their states.

Drivers are classified based on a number of different characteristics including, but not limited to, age and gender, marital status, where the vehicle is garaged, driving record, make and model of vehicle, prior insurance coverage and annual miles driven. History has shown that drivers with certain characteristics, such as a poor driving record, have a greater chance of being involved in an accident, and the drivers in those classifications must pay higher rates. Drivers do not realize how expensive it is to have and operate a vehicle. This "privilege" is heavily subsidized. Drivers who are similar in other respects: age, gender, location, driving safety record, pay nearly the same premiums if they drive five thousand or fifty thousand miles a year. Just as an all-you-can-eat restaurant encourages more eating, all-can-drive insurance pricing encouraging more driving.

Coverage include the type of losses for which the company agreements to pay. Each kind of coverage you buy will have its own section in the policy that details the situations it covers, persons insured under it, definitions of various words used, exclusions that apply to the section, and the limits of the company's protection in that section. Coverage provided by group and non-group policies generally is similar. Remember, however, that different companies offer different coverage options in their policies.

Companies having insurance for auto mobiles are governed a rating depending on a combination of factors such as total experience, claims handling, policy opportunities, pricing and financial strength. Companies frequently adjust rates such that no one company stays in the low cost leader slot very long. Unless you get new quotes every year, you never know that you might be able to get better rates from a different auto insurance company. Companies offer discounts to policyholders who have not had any accidents or moving violations for a number of years. You may also get a discount if you take a defensive driving course. Companies renew policies after expiration. A discount on premium is sometimes provided to existing clients.

Car insurance rates for a 16 yr old can gradually decrease as the teenager learns how to show their level of responsibility more effectively. The less risk that driver shows, the lower their rates will be. Car insurance is one such item because they were very easy to possess but today they create difficulty for our pockets. People think a large number of times before going for any particular insurance plan. Cars that have more expensive parts, or are sportier are equipped with higher insurance rates. Buying a less expensive car will cut down on your insurance and liability coverage costs.

Carefully study coverage extent, the length of time it takes to process claims and extras such as free towing or road assistance. Customer support is also extremely important you want an auto insurance company that can give you maximum support whether online or over the phone. Cars with larger engines typically waste even more gas while idling than cars with smaller engines, according to Consumer Reports, as a rule of thumb, turn off your engine if you will be idling for more than 30 seconds.

Car accidents happen more frequently than you think, and car repair costs are higher than ever. And, in our increasingly litigious society, the chances that you will also be sued by another driver in the accident are very high. Cars are given a rating from 1 to 27, and the higher the number, the higher your premium.

Plan your next car purchase as a negotiation between what you really want and how it will affect your insurance premiums. Determine how much extra you are willing to pay in insurance for a car and use that figure to help you determine what your price range is. Plan ahead and potentially saves lots of money.

Persons sharing characteristics with high claims groups will be charged more for insurance coverage. Personally Identifiable Information may include your name, age, mailing address, telephone number, mobile phone number, email address, and other identification and contact information.

Comprehensive insurance policies have deductibles – the amount of money you have to pay out before your insurance company starts picking up the bill, the higher your deductible, the cheaper your monthly premiums. Comprehensive auto insurance will also protect you from any public liability claim made as a consequence of the accident. As well as accidents, your vehicle can also be covered from damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, adverse weather and other scenarios. Comprehensive insurance can assist you financially in this but only up to the Kelley Blue Book value of the car. If repair costs exceeded this value, the car insurance company will declare it total and award you the full cash value of your car.

Additional coverage is recommended if you have a larger net worth. Additionally, life insurance can help pay for funeral costs and therefore ensure that your death will not be a financial burden for your family.

Liability insurance covers the damages caused by your vehicle, whether bodily injury or property damage. The amount of coverage varies by policy and by the kind of damages covered. Liability coverage pays for damage that you're responsible for and have caused to other people or their property.

State-run insurance guaranty associations, which are provided to pay claims for insolvent insurance companies, exist in each state. However, while these associations are an important safety net for insurance consumers, they are by no means perfect. State regulators must explicitly approve the type of insurance policies that insurers offer, and in many states current regulations would not even allow pay by the mile policies.

Accordingly, buy a little more than the minimum required, to give you extra cushion of protection. What price are you willing to pay for piece of mind? According to industry professionals, teen drivers add anywhere from 50 percent to 500 percent to a premium. However, many insurance companies will discount the rate when a child is away at school. According to the Insurance Information Institute, increasing your deductible from $ 250 to $ 500 can save you up to 20 percent on comprehensive and collision coverage.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. Information shared here does not stipulate financial, legal, or other professional advice. This article is intended to provide general information only and does not give advice which refers to your individual circumstances.

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Private Health Insurance

Health insurance offered by different companies may vary slightly at certain levels but first it is important to make the choice as to what kind fits your requirements.

When we decide to buy a private health insurance the first few issues we have to confront are, "for what do we need health insurance", "how much health insurance will be enough" and "about how much can I afford to spend on it . " Instead of answering these questions first and then look for insurance you can even take the way round. Know what is available, see what they offer and then take decision. There are numerous options at hand to choose from.

The first choice to be made is between health insurance policy for family or separate health plan for everyone.

Family Floater Health Insurance
In a Family Floater, you decide for a sum assured for the family. That sum is available to all insured under the floater policy. It can be used by either or all the members insured up to the given sum insured. Premium depends upon the number of family members insured. A family floater can be taken for self and spouse, self, spouse and kids, self and kids and spouse and kids. Most companies do not allow parents to be included.

• Reduced premium than in case of individual plans for everyone
• Availability for adequate sum assured
• Ideal for low risk young families
• All members covered in a single policy
• Being a single policy it is easier to manage

• Reduced cover available to other members in case of a claim
• Might not provide sufficient cover in case of multiple claims in a year
• Children can be covered in a floatater policy only up to the a certain age, generally 18-25 years depending upon the company
• Anyone reaching the maximum renewal up to age is excluded from the family floater and separate policies may have to be bought.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insuranceis, as the name suggests, taken for single individual. It can be bought for each family member separately. The sum insured in this case is available for the single person insured. Premium depends upon the age of the individual and sum insured. Each policy needs to be managed as a separate policy.

• It can be taken for every member of the family including for the parents
• It is ideal for high health risk families or the ones in higher age bracket where individual cover needs to be substantial
• The policy does not lapse with one member reaching the maximum renewable age

• It is a little costlier than a family floatater policy.
• Each policy needs to be maintained separately ..
• Coverage may be lower than offered by a floatater in case of a single claim in a year

Below these two basic types, there are specialized health insurance policies . These can be availed as riders to the main health policy or can be taken as individual policies. They are taken to cover a limited risk rather than general health.

1. Critical Illness Policy
A critical illness policy or rider covers specific illnesses such as heart attack, paralysis, certain types of cancer, major organ transplants and similar other life changing illnesses. The cover is provided for the illnesses listed in the policy document only.

• It can be taken as a standard policy or a rider
• It covers only specific illnesses as listed in the policy document
• Diagnosis of the illness entitles the insured for claim
• The claim amount is given to the insured in lump sum
• Insurance company may not honor the claim if the insured dies within 30 days of diagnosis
• Waiting period for the cover to come in force is 90 days

2. Personal Accident Cover
Personal accident insurance covers risk arising from accidents, be it at home, or outside. It is a tool to protect your family and yourself from the financial concerns such as loss of income and medical expenses due to accidents. It also covers the loss of income in case of temporary or permanent disablement. Accident may include plane crash, train accident, murder, hit-and-run etc. It is taken as a separate policy.

It can be taken as a standard policy though accidental death or dismemberment cover can be a rider to life insurance as well.

• Personal Accidental policy covers accidental death and loss of limbs, permanent total and partial disablement
• It compensates for permanent or temporary loss of income due to accident

3. Hospital cash
Hospital cash policy offers a fixed amount of cash per day of hospitalization for a fixed maximum number of days. Although it can be taken as a standard policy, it works best as add on to a regular health or critical illness policy.

• The policy offers a fixed amount, per day of hospitalization
• Maximum number of days for which money will be reimbursed is fixed

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FR44 Insurance in Florida: Common Questions With Complete Answers

When did the Florida FR44 insurance filing become effective? What are the requirements needed for one? Which type of policies qualify for compliance?

As of October 1, 2007, a person convicted of DUI in Florida is required to maintain increased limits of vehicle accident liability coverage. The minimum amounts are $ 100,000 per person, $ 300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and $ 50,000 of Property Damage Liability. A single combined limit of $ 300,000 is also acceptable. The liability must be provided by a Florida policy. This may be a car insurance policy or an operator's one where there is no vehicle to insure. One that insures a vehicle with less than 4 wheels does not qualify because this type does not include Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP).

The flexibility to comply with a variety of policy types, and as policyholder or additional driver, enables the convicted driver to secure a well qualified one. For example, a youthful operator will often find a lower rate as an additional driver on their parents policy. In the past, another good option was insuring a scooter which might have been as little as $ 100.00 for the entire year. Unfortunately, Florida no longer allows a filing with this type.

Do all drivers with a Florida DUI require FR44 insurance? How long does the requirement remain in effect?

To clear a FR44 DUI case number for license reinstatement, a driver, receiving the infraction prior to November 1st 2014, is required to provide proof that increased vehicle liability insurance in the amount of 100/300 / 50k was in effect at the time of the liability date or they must purchase a FR44 policy for three years from the original suspension date. After November 1st 2014 all drivers convicted of a DUI will be required to purchase and maintain a FR44 policy, which can not be canceled, for three years from the reinstatement date of the DUI.

When can I reinstate my license after I purchase a policy? How is the Florida DMV notified that my FR44 requirement has been satisfied? Can I receive the FR44 certificate at point of sale?

The FR44 form (certificate), is submitted by the company to Florida's Bureau of Financial Responsibility. As required by law, they are transmitted electronically within 15 days after beginning. Companies typically transmit to the bureau at point of sale, and the DMV database will update within 24 to 48 hours allowing for license reinstatement.

Some companies will generate a "hard copy" certificate at point of sale which can then be combined with proof of insurance and faxed to a local DMV office, from the agency or company with an identifying cover page. This is the fastest way a denied driver can have their license reinstated.

Since companies electronically send the FR44 certificate to the State, it takes a special request to have one issued directly to the policyholder. It is usually typed, and then faxed or emailed, and typically takes up to 2 hours to get done. If you are in a hurry, find out before you buy, or even before you get a rate quote, if a certificate would be immediately available.

How much will this cost? What is the least expensive way? Is there a filing fee and reinstatement fee in addition?

There is a $ 25.00 filing fee for everyone. A license reinstatement fee is required for drivers that did not have increased liability limits of 100/300 / 50k on their policy at the time of the DUI. However, the overall cost is determined by a host of variables that are unique to each person including location, age, history, vehicle type etc. Usually, the least expensive way to secure a FR44 insurance policy is with an operators or non-owners policy which does not include a vehicle. This type of policy is not available to drivers, who have access to a vehicle, or that require an interlock device.

Can I cancel? Is the insurance company allowed to cancel? If I cancel can I replace it with another one?

As of May 4th 2012 all policies with a Florida FR44 filing are not allowed to be canceled. Companies may only cancel during the first 30 days while determining eligibility. Naturally, there are many legitimate reasons for cancellation a policy such as, moving to another state, selling your vehicle, getting married, etc., and there is a way to cancel these policies. An endorsement to remove the FR44 filing from an existing policy can be submitted, and then that policy can be canceled. Keep in mind that if the FR44 requirement is still in effect, the canceled policy must be replaced or the driver license will be suspended. When canceling, you may be asked to provide a recorded sworn statement indicating your reason and how you intend to continue compliance. Naturally, when your compliance period ends during the policy period, all the restrictions may be removed from that policy.

Can I get a monthly payment plan? Does the State of Florida require full payment? Can I have more than one policy?

Because they can not be canceled, companies will require payment in full. Unlike the canceling provision, requiring payment in full is not a state mandate. Since companies are not at liberty to cancel a policy for non-payment, they generally will not offer payment plans. However, there are a few, in limited circumstances, that will allow a payment plan. One recently began to offer installment payment plans for all their renewal policies. Keep in mind companies provide a basic discount when paying in full and the FR44 requirement does not eliminate that discount. There can only be one filing per driver, however, a driver can have more than one policy and this creates additional flexibility.

When will my FR44 requirement no longer be needed? How can I contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles?

The best way to find out is to contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and have them tell you the exact date your requirement ends. I recommend contacting them by email at so you have their response in writing. When you are within 60 days of ending the requirement you may carry the 100/300/50 liability without having to actually file and you will be considered in compliance. This option can be particularly helpful when starting a new policy as payment plans, driver exclusives, and all other options can be exercised.

Source by Clifford J Schimek